Our Story


Bryce McMillan & Malou Rasmussen
Husband and wife team with years of experience in the culinary world.
Our first food-truck was a 1956 vintage trootwood camper we build ourselves, in June 2022 we opened the doors to our new and upgraded food truck with more room to grow. We are located at Amli South Shore and we drive out to events around Austin. See contact to get an event quote.


Spending most of our time behind the bar we never really learned how to build anything, But there was enough passion to keep us going. All we can say is thanks for the age of the internet. Spending countless hours researching how to build anything. Watching Youtube and finding inspiration through social media we were determined.

After we purchased the 1957 Trootwood Camper, we soon learned this wasn’t going to be easy.
On the first day I fell through the floor, realizing that i was gonna have to do way more than just turn a couple of screws. I think the hardest was the step one separating the actual trailer from the camper shell. We needed to reinforce the frame of the trailer so we could have a sturdy “dance floor”

Then we gutted out all the old wood. Replacing beam by beam. Many days in the beginning, we would question ourselves and the decision we had made. There were many days we were stuck, thinking we should  just sell the camper and cut our losses.

It started to feel like we had bought a Lemon. 
But when life hands you lemons mix it up with Tequila, take shot and keep going.

Luckily Malou is an artist and her vision kept us in sight. She would draw the blueprints and spend days designing. We wanted the bar to be welcoming so we made sure to have a big opening, With comfortable lighting that was inviting you to walk right up We wanted the bar to be warm and friendly, not intimidating. We decided to keep it mostly wood with natural elements.
After endless days we were finally starting to see some progress, I think the turning point came when we bought the wood for our bar, which is Saplee wood From north Florida. After we cut, sanded and lacquered the wood it started glistening into a shiny new bar. Now it was coming together! After that Most nights became hard to fall asleep because we were so excited in the direction we were headed. Both of us had always had a dream to own our own Bar.
It was happening some way somehow. After 7 months we were ready to get a new paint job, we went with a strong bronze color to keep the antic, rustic feeling. Inside was modernized to be suited for any new age bartender. This whole process took us about 8 months with highs and lows. During this whole process we both even got married. Watching each other grow we knew we could overcome anything. We are very happy with each other and our New Bar and would love to share our passion with you for your special occasion.